Kickin’ the bucket

With graduation quickly approaching, I’ve found myself looking back on my college experience and wishing I had done more. In my five years at Kennesaw I’ve had lots of firsts, traveled to new places, took on leadership roles that I never imagined myself in, and became a completely different person. But during my first three(ish) years of school, I was in two very serious relationships where my life revolved around them. I missed out on a lot of opportunities during that time and completely lost who I was as a person.

As the summer before my senior year came to an end I realized that I hadn’t done anything “worth while” and my tight knit group of friends was well, small. It didn’t take long to decide that I was going to dedicate the last bit of my college career to myself. I was serious about staying single, branching out to meet new people, getting out of my comfort zone and forcing myself to experience new things. I was determined to say “yes” to any offer thrown my way and to make up for the past three years.

In the time since making that decision, my life has changed drastically. I’ve attended three music festivals, an insane amount of concerts, visited three new states, dyed my hair blonde, ran a 5K, went alum in my sorority, gained the greatest group of friends that I could have ever asked for, and sadly had to move out of the house that I’d shared with my two best friends for three years.

Even though it was very casual and short-lived, I may have failed at staying single just three months after starting this journey (yikes). But because of that relationship I was given one of my best friends, Jamie. And for that I am so thankful.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 11.01.10 PM
Jamo and I (and Jon Langston!!!)

Loving how this “yes” lifestyle was going, I decided I wanted to do more. With the help of Jamo and a few other friends, I decided to make a summer bucket list of things that I wanted to accomplish before my last year of school began. The list started off very small but began to grow rapidly as time went on. I haven’t been able to cross off very many things because life always seems to get in the way but the things I’ve been able to do have been fantastic. From this list I’ve learned that I’m insanely in love with yoga (especially bikram yoga), I eat way too much food and I don’t go to enough museums.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 7.29.17 PM

Atlanta Bucket List*

  1. First Friday Artwalk at Marietta Square
  2. Virginia Highlands Summerfest 
  3. Atlanta Summer Beer Fest
  4. Atlanta Street Food Festival
  5. Grant Park Summer Shade Festival
  6. Georgia Renaissance Festival
  7. Atlanta Ice Cream Festival
  8. Decatur BBQ, Blues and Bluegrass Festival
  9. The Cork Pullers Beer, Wine and Spirits Tour
  10. Yellow Daisy Festival
  11. Hip-Hop Day Festival
  12. Whole Hawg Happenin’ BBQ and Music Fest
  13. Geocaching
  14. Tellus Science Museum
  15. High Museum of Art
  16. Go to a drive in movie
  17. Medieval Times
  18. Walk the Atlanta Beltline
  19. Ride the Atlanta Street Car
  20. Woodruff Park Reading Room
  21. Federal Reserve Bank Money Museum 
  22. Governor’s Mansion Tour
  23. Atlanta’s Children Museum
  24. Anne Frank Museum
  25. Movies in Central Park
  26. Summer Concert series at Park Tavern
  27. Historic Oakland Cemetery
  28. Dad’s Garage
  29. Yacht Rock Revue
  30. Leon’s Full Service
  31. The Ivy
  32. Atlanta Roller Girls
  33. Flix on 5th
  34. The Republic
  35. Go to Ikea
  36. Treetop Quest
  37. Watch the sunset on the Jackson street Bridge
  38. Krog Street Tunnel
  39. Ponce City Market
  40. Krog Street Market
  41. Atlanta History Museum
  42. Fernbank Museum of Natural Beauty
  43. Michael C Carlos Museum
  44. Six Flags/White Water
  45. Sweet Auburn Curb Market
  46. Bellwood Quarry
  47. Morgan Falls Park
  48. Pullman Railyard
  49. Roswell Mill
  50. Snoopers Rock
  51. King of Pops Yoga


  1. Atlanta Food Truck Park
  2. Julianna’s Crepes
  3. Roswell Provisions
  4. Park Tavern 
  5. Eclipse di Luna
  6. Twist
  7. Darwin’s Burgers & Blues
  8. Nicola’s Restaurant
  9. The Big Ketch
  10. Fox Brother’s BBQ
  11. Parish
  12. Barcelona
  13. Cypress Street Pint & Plate
  14. The Bookhouse Pub
  15. Noni’s Bar & Deli
  16. Tap
  17. The Nook
  18. Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House
  19. Leon’s Full Service
  20. Midway Pub
  21. Canoe
  22. Octane
  23. Heirloom’s
  24. Le Petit Marche
  25. Porter Beer Bar
  26. Mary Mac’s
  27. Antico’s
  29. South City Kitchen
  30. Ecco
  31. Two Urban Licks
  32. Pappadeaux
  33. The Iberian Pig
  34. The Earl
  35. Cafe Jonah
  36. Across the Street
  37. Diesel Filling Station
  38. Hi Five Diner
  39. R Thomas
  40. Apre Diem
  41. BarTaco
  42. Argosy
  43. Carroll Street Cafe
  44. Top Flr
  45. Holeman & Finch Public House
  46. Fellini’s Pizza
  47. Sun In My Belly
  48. George’s Bar & Restaurant
  49. Grindhouse
  50. Woody’s Cheesesteaks
  51. La Fonda Lantina
  52. Cameli’s in Little 5
  53. Fado
  54. Flip Burger
  55. Doggy Dogg
  56. Der Biergarten
  57. Jeni’s Ice Cream
  58. Jake’s Ice Cream
  59. Sweet Treats
  60. The Daily Grind
  61. Ladybird Grove and Mess Hall
  62. West Egg
  63. Cooks and Soldiers
  64. The Cookie Studio
  65. Ria’s Bluebird
  66. Bantam + Biddy
  67. Fry Guy Stand
  68. The Southern Gentleman
  69. Chattahoochee Coffee Company
  70. Dancing Goats Coffee Bar
  71. Amelie’s French Bakery
  72. Folk Art
  73. Kale Me Crazy
  74. Sublime Doughnuts
  75. Alon’s Bakery and Market
  76. Buttermilk Kitchen
  77. Fred’s Meat and Bread
  78. Proof Bake Shop
  79. Mac McGee
  80. Bocado Burgers
  81. Victory Sandwich Bar
  82. Bone Garden Cantina
  83. Sweet Auburn BBQ
  84. The Pig and The Pearl
  85. JCT Kitchen (Howell Mill)
  86. Delias chicken sausage stand
  87. Superica


  1. Second Self Beer Company (Fridays and Saturdays)
  2. Three Taverns Brewery (Fridays and Saturdays)
  3. Red Brick Brewery (Wed-Sunday)
  4. Orpheus Brewery (Thursday-Saturday)
  5. Monday Night Brewery (Monday, Thursday, Saturday)
  6. Red Hare Brewery (Thursday-Saturday)
  7. Jekyll Brewery (Tuesday-Saturday)
  8. Blue Tarp Brewery (Friday and Saturday)
  9. Wild Heaven Craft Beers (Friday-Sunday)
  10. SweetWater (Wednesday-Sunday)
  11. Reformation Brewery
  12. Burnt Hickery
  13. Southern Sky Brewing

*disclaimer: I can assure you that this list will continue to grow

feature image-Evan Jones, @etosphoto, TomorrowWorld 2014


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