Getting your products in a ‘Dash’

Have you ever noticed that you’re running low on laundry detergent or coffee and just wanted to press a button and have it appear at your door? Well now you can. Amazon has come up with a new strategy to keep all of your stuff in stock. The company has announced the start up of its new Dash Button and Dash Replenishment Service offered to its Prime membership customers.


The Dash Button is a one button gadget that automatically connects to your Amazon account and reorders the product when you notice that it is getting low. The Dash Button allows you to scan the barcode on an item or tap the device and say “coffee”, and Amazon will ship the items with free two day shipping.

The Dash Replenishment Service is a “wildly futuristic” program that will automatically keep you from ever running out of anything. The Dash Replenishment Service is almost exactly the same as the Dash Button but it automatically orders your products for you when it notices that they are getting low. This service uses a cloud system to allow anything with internet connectivity to automatically reorder something for you.

I think this is a fantastic idea for those who use Amazon a lot. The ease of ordering and the two day delivery make this very ideal for anyone who has an Amazon Prime account. The only issue that I could see is that each Dash Button is linked to only one product. Because of this, you would need a button for every item that you order from Amazon. That could result in having a large amount of these button all over your house. I have a very “Type A” personality so this would drive me insane. I wouldn’t be able to handle having these little buttons all over my house to remind me to order products.