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Getting your products in a ‘Dash’

By: Parker Roberson Have you ever noticed that you’re running low on laundry detergent or coffee and just wanted to press a button and have it appear at your door? Well now you can. Amazon has come up with a new strategy to keep all of your stuff in stock. The company has announced the start up of… Continue reading Getting your products in a ‘Dash’

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New Rejection Method for Android

By: Parker Roberson Trying to improve their app catalog, Android announces that they will now have their apps reviewed by people before they hit the Google Play store. In the past, Android apps were only screened using software. The company said that they began reviewing apps a few months ago and plan to continue down this… Continue reading New Rejection Method for Android

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Facebook Starts Reaching Out

By: Parker Roberson Almost a week ago, Facebook released a set of tools aimed at helping prevent suicides. Users are now able to report any content that causes them to believe that someone is having suicidal thoughts. Once the post has been reported, it will be reviewed and Facebook will decide whether to reach out to the individual to… Continue reading Facebook Starts Reaching Out

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Uber stepping up its security

Uber is an application based transportation service founded in 2009. Instead of your typical taxi, Uber offers luxury town cars and other SUVs. People are beginning to choose services such as Uber more and more because they require all their drivers to go through background checks, making the user feel that they are in safe… Continue reading Uber stepping up its security

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Facebook goes ‘Lite’

In today’s society, everyone seems to be virtually connected. Whether it’s through social media, instant messaging or emailing, there is a way to communicate with your friends and family in a matter of minutes whether they are in the same room as you, down the street or on a completely different continent. But what about those… Continue reading Facebook goes ‘Lite’